šŸŽÆ The 3-Step Plan to Kickstart Your Goals This Year

Oh how I love goal setting. But collecting goals is a completely different hobby than maintaining goals šŸ˜…

Now if you missed the mark in January, it's ok... because I did too lol

So we are starting fresh with Jon Acuff's actionable book on goal setting. And I know Atomic Habits is all the rage right now - BUT PLEASE - that book was published in 2018...

All It Takes is a Goal was published in 2023 - now that's what I call relevant!

šŸŒž Life List

Sometimes its annoying when authors ask you to do things. But this exercise I genuinely enjoyed. He asks you to write down the best things that have happened to you over the last 20 years. Then categorize them between (4) buckets:

  • šŸ„‡ Accomplishment - winning something you had to work towards
  • šŸ–ļø Experience - a memory of something you experienced
  • šŸ’– Relationship - a memory that involves experiencing something with someone else
  • šŸŽ Object - an physical object

I made my list in Notion:

Now notice what is not on your list?

* Cough cough * ... Men.

Ok, only kidding... But typically you will see very few objects. I noticed a ton of relationship and experience categories which shocked me.

šŸŽÆ Types of Goals

He also categorizes goals differently than most goal related books.

  • šŸ‘šŸ¼ Easy goals - 1-7 days, not expensive, and should feel like they are not enough
  • ā­ Middle goals - 30-90 days, flexible
    • For example there are 25 things that could count towards a writing middle goal like watching a show on writing, listening to a podcast on writing, or actually writing
  • āœ… Guaranteed goals - 90-365 days, easy to measure, and should sound impossible
    • These typically are "guaranteed" because the habit is formed by the time you reach this level of goal setting

āœ… Scorecard

Now I appreciate a man with a scorecard. Yes. Bring me the scorecards. I have been doing this for years. I have a YouTube Scorecard and I have a Work Skills Chart Scorecard:

Notice how its easy to see what my weekly goals are for šŸŽ¬ YouTube and only (5). Although I am thinking about removing the ones outside of my control. I can't really control things like Subscribers, Views, Revenue, and Watch Time.

This is a šŸ’¼ work scorecard focusing on the data software I want to master as the headers of the chart. Blue is expert, Green is proficient, Yellow is good, and Red is beginner. I was able to get out of all the reds at least!

I have been focusing on Power BI for the last 3-4 weeks now. I am 54% through the best course on Power BI that I could find by Leila Gharani - if she sounds familiar she has several million subscribers on YouTube.

Here is a 30% off discount code if you have stalked her course before - I was DYING to find a discount a few weeks back - but I ended up paying full price šŸ˜’

Bestselling Excel and Power BI Courses

šŸ“– Companion Reads

Any habit book will go great with this one. The GOAT is The Power of Habit which started the trend of all the habit books.

šŸŽ¬ Full Video

If you wanted the full detail of my favorite tips from his book check out the full video on my YouTube channel šŸ‘‡šŸ¼