šŸŽ¬ YouTube

šŸš€ it's just Liz

I film videos on business books, engineering, and goal setting.

šŸ“š Books

I read 3-4 business books a month. I love to break down books into actionable tips in videos.

šŸ’” Engineering

I graduated Valedictorian of Mechanical Engineering but recently transitioned into Data Science. Currently, I am working as a Data Science Manager at Intel. I am essentially a mash-up between semiconductor manufacturing and computer science.

šŸ­ Semiconductor Manufacturing: Process, Electrical, I&C, Mechanical

šŸ’» Computer Science: Python, SQL, C#, JavaScript, React, Blazor

šŸŽÆ Goal Setting

I have an obsession with goal setting. Habit trackers, accomplishment calendars, and accountability partners are all tactics I use to keep hitting my goals.