🤖 How to Automate Your Business

Everyone is talking about automation right now.

⏭ Automation Meaning

You can automate almost anything these days due to an increase in low-code tools and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

🌎 Examples:

💙 Automatically post a Tweet with a link to your YouTube video on Twitter when it posts on YouTube

🎬 Automatically pull data from your YouTube videos into an Excel spreadsheet or Notion

📩 Automatically send an email with a file link when you upload a file to Sharepoint

🔨 Skills Needed

👩‍💻 Knowledge of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

⏯ Knowledge of RPAs (Robotic Process Automation)

👩‍💻 APIs

APIs are built by software engineers at a company. They act as bridges for other software engineers to access their information. They usually come with documentation on how to pull their information from them.

🎵 Spotify API: Get access to artists, songs, genres, playlists

📺 Netflix API: Get access to TV shows, movies, genres, actors

🎬 YouTube API: Get access to your videos, stats, subscribers, views

📝 Notion API: Get access to your calendar, notes, databases

You can start to mix these together. I may want to have my YouTube channel (YouTube API) send information to Notion (Notion API) and then have it post a tweet on Twitter (Twitter API). The combinations are absolutely endless.

🤖 RPAs

Now, you could brute force code with the APIs to pull information in the form of HTTP requests using Python, JavaScript, or any other programming language of your choice.  BUT - smart people have actually built no-code/low-code tools to do this for us 🙏 (we are not worthy!).

⏯ Microsoft Power Automate: You block code (don't worry it's not hard) these things called "flows" which you basically build like legos.

🌎 Example: Send a video to Twitter when it is posted to YouTube

⏯ Zapier: You block code (again super easy) these things called "zaps"

🌎 Example: If someone signs up for my newsletter on Revue on Twitter, it automatically adds it to my Ghost newsletter - because I don't use Revue.

Microsoft Power Automate and Zapier are essentially the exact same thing. They put the API HTTP calls into blocks so you don't have to see the code in the background at all. You just drag and drop what you want it to do.

🎮 Game-Changing Technology

This is the coolest stuff I've ever seen. Think of every manual task, and it can most likely be automated. For people who are willing to learn, you can create automated businesses where you just do the creative work - no boring tasks.

👩‍🏫 Future Online Course

I am going to create an Automate Your Creator Business Course in early 2023 (~March/April). Now that my business setup course will be done sometime next week - this will be my next one. I love automation. I love business. Let's combine them 🙌

🎬 Related Video

I need to make an updated video on Power Automate but this is when I first discovered the tool and you can get an idea of how it works in real time.