šŸ§Š IcePanel: Best Diagram Software

šŸ’¬ Diagram Software

What exactly is diagram software? You may be familiar with Lucidchart or Microsoft Visio:

Look familiar? It's those annoying diagrams your least favorite coworker creates for everyone.

The problem? Well... They kind of look like shit sometimes. Especially if they are super busy.

I don't want to be mean!

But... when it comes to more complex systems, it falls apart.

ā„ļø IcePanel

I struggled with this recently - I could not get Microsoft Visio to work for a data diagram. Then, I stumbled on this software called IcePanel.

It changed the game. Instead of having a 2D diagram, you actually get a layer diagram that is called C4 modeling.

The process for sending an invoice is very complicated. A Microsoft Visio diagram would not work very well. Here is how I used IcePanel instead:

You can actually zoom in on the QuickBooks block to see more items inside. This is nice because you can layer your diagrams. This is something you cannot do in most diagram software.

ā™»ļø Flows

Within the software, you can make flows - which add steps to each task in a flow. Here is an example of an invoice flow. Notice how it highlights the step and has a #1 next to it.

šŸ”Ž Behind the Scenes

I have a ton of new videos coming out soon. I am focusing on specific software because I love discovering new tools - but I need to start thinking about the next course for the year! Let me know if you have any suggestions!

šŸŽ¬ Latest Video

If you are in the market for software to automate your hiring and onboarding this is a great tool to use: BambooHR. I helped set it up for a painting contractor and they are loving the level up for their business - they used to do everything manually before (I-9s and W-4s) - OUCH!