šŸŒ± The Color Green Increases Your Productivity

This feels like magic... but I live for these super simple productivity hacks.

šŸ§  Brain Rules for Work

I recently finished reading a book called šŸ“š Brain Rules for Work by John Medina. This book talked about tips for working based entirely on neuroscience.

šŸ’š Why the Color Green?

We are biased toward the color green because of evolution. Green represents survival, food, and life so our brains pay attention when we see that specific color.

šŸŒ± Buy Plants

People in an office filled with plants experience productivity boosts of 15% and are less fatigued. You don't have to try that hard to convince me to start filling my home office with plants!

I am a designated plant killer (not my favorite quality) so I have been buying plants from a site that has engineered self-water plants.

Keep your plants alive with the self-watering easyplant! Beautiful, live, indoor plants, potted in our simple, self-watering ceramic pots.

šŸ’» Background Colors on Devices

This is an easy one. Change the background of your computer screen to green. Easy extra 1% of productivity boost at work.

šŸŒ³ Take Breaks Outside

We will outperform people who don't take breaks, but even further outperform them if we take breaks outside. This is hard for me honestly because the last thing I want to do is put on decent clothing to walk around outside. But it is in science!

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