šŸŽ¬ Use YouTube to Pivot Into Tech

No, I am not talking about mindlessly watching YouTube videos. I am talking about creating YouTube videos.

šŸ§  Learn in Public

Learning and building in public is the best thing you could do if you want to pivot your career into Tech. Pick a course you want to learn and teach as you learn on YouTube. Then, once you have a good amount of videos - add your YouTube channel to your resume!

šŸŒ Example: Web Development

I wanted to potentially pivot into computer science. So I picked a coding class called SheCodes. As I was learning, I started posting videos explaining fundamental topics on my YouTube channel:

šŸ’¼ Add YouTube to Your Resume

I like to add the YouTube URL in the Contact Information section of my resume. I make my resumes in Canva - which allows you to hyperlink your YouTube channel onto the text.

šŸ“œ Add Certificates to Your Resume

I always create a Certificates section on my resume as well to show off my technical skills alongside my actual career experience.

šŸ’¼ Job Interviews

When I was interviewing at Intel - the hiring managers had checked out my YouTube channel and mentioned how cool it was that I was documenting and teaching as I learned new skills. It serves as almost a second resume - and I know it had an impact when they offered me a job as a Data Science Manager.