💻 Your First Digital Product

Last week I released my first digital product.

💸 Gumroad

I know, it's a weird name. But, this site lets you sell anything. Specifically, it's known for selling digital products.

The owner of Gumroad (Sahil Lavingia) actually wrote one of my favorite books called 📚 The Minimalist Entrepreneur.

📈 My Notion Template

I decided to sell a construction vocabulary Notion template. This lets you store all the acronyms of the construction industry while also having the flexibility to embed videos, pictures, and other notes.

🚧 Notion Construction Vocabulary Log - Basic
📝 SUMMARY:This Notion template will help you organize acronyms, vocabulary words, and design symbols in the construction industry. 🪟 VIEWS: Customized Gallery Views (to see the full-size image, acronym and discipline)Table ViewCalendar ViewBoard View🚧 CONSTRUCTION SPECIFIC:Discipline Properties:…

📊 Types of Digital Products

There are a ton of different types of digital products you can start selling on Gumroad.

  • Notion Templates
  • Code
  • URLs
  • Online classes
  • eBooks
  • PDFs
  • Icons

💰 Selling on Gumroad

It is super easy to sell - all you have to do is fill out this basic form, add your URL content, and share.

💳 Purchasing on Gumroad

I bought my website template on Gumroad. My favorite YouTuber - Ali Abdaal - had a great website. I found his website coder on Twitter and found out he was selling the code through Gumroad. Best $150 bucks I ever spent.

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