šŸ’€ Your Project Graveyard

Yes, we all have one. Where projects go to die.

šŸ“ What is a Project Graveyard?

I stole the Graveyard name and put it onto my KanBan boards in Notion - originally it comes from a card game called Yugioh where it was your discard pile. But for my purposes, it is where projects go when they die.

As you can see, several vague random work tasks go to Graveyard. Mainly when it's been months and no one has asked me about them. Once a quarter, I go through my Graveyard list and actually delete them.

šŸ‘© My Project Graveyard

At the end of the year, I tend to do the same thing with my larger projects. You know - the class you didn't finish, the closet you didn't clean, the idea you had but didn't follow through on...

I like to honor my dead projects by literally making a grave for them. Acknowledging that I did have time, but they weren't a priority. For me, this relieves so much project guilt. It's a bit morbid but eh.

šŸ“š Writing a Productivity Book: There was no way I had time for this. No guilt here. I will write one when I make it a priority.

šŸ““ Notion Templates: I wanted to make more Notion templates to sell online. This year I made one. Welp, I had so many ideas. Goodbye.

šŸŽ“ Higher Education: I toyed with the idea of getting an MBA or even a Master's in Computer Science. But, I am settling with taking classes online for now due to the self-paced convenience.

šŸ‘©ā€šŸ’» C#: I took a class on C# and really wanted to create something cool with it. I didn't make it a priority and it died.

šŸ‘©ā€šŸ« Python Course: I started building a Python course with my best friend Max. We made huge progress on it in the beginning, but then my own creation of my business course sucked up all my time.

šŸŽÆ New Goals

I like to prep my new goals in November because soon enough with all the vacation and wrapping projects up - January will be here faster than we think.

šŸ“ Review Last Year

  1. Finances
  2. Accomplishments
  3. Big Milestones
  4. Business Plan

Once you review everything to see what an actual year can produce, then you can make a more realistic approach. I usually set aside an entire weekend for this review which will be this upcoming one!

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